About me

Photo: Youssef Amaaou

Good Morning! I’m glad you are here. My name is Sebastian, I am a Geologist and self-taught nature photographer from Germany. I grew up in a small village called Niederkirchen, close to the city of Kaiserslautern in Palatinate, where my passion for photography began at the age of eight.

My studies and my love for nature brought me further and further up to the north. Today I live in Tromsø, the heart of Northern Norway. Here I work as a Tour Guide and Photographer, mostly during the night when Northern Lights enlighten the sky in purple and green. My image galleries are accordingly dominated by pictures from the Arctic. I love the minimalist beauty of the north with its spectacular colours.

On these pages you’ll find a small selection of my work. Besides the more classical nature photography I also developed a passion for creating abstract art. I like to play with the small details in cracked ice structures that form along the coast of Norway. You’ll find some examples in the gallery here!

Have a look around! And don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions. I am open for new ideas and joint projects. You can reach me by e-mail: info@fotoromia.com or via the contact form.

For more recent updates have a look at my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Thanks for passing by my website. Have a nice day!